There’s more than one electric pickup on the market, a few aren’t polygonal too. And this month, one of them is open to reservations! We’re talking about the Nikola Badger.

Announced last March, Electric automobile startup company Nikola will be releasing their own line of fully electric pickup trucks, known as the Badger. Development on the vehicle is going so well, in fact, that the company is planning to open up reservations for it later this month. Nikola founder Trevor Milton posted on Twitter, stating that the company is looking to open reservation books for the vehicle on June 29, 2020.

Since it’s a reservation, anyone that successfully registers will be among the first to receive a Badger for themselves. Additionally, they’ll receive tickets to Nikola World 2020, an automotive event showcasing many of the company’s products.

Specs for the Badger include the option between a fully electric powertrain and a combination eclectic and hydrogen fuel cell system. The system will reportedly have 906 horsepower and 980 lb-ft of instantaneous torque.

Nikola didn’t detail how much money down is required for reservations, nor how much the model costs overall. Though we’ll know soon enough. Reservations will be available on June 29.