While Tesla loses their cool over quarantine, another electric automaker has been shooting up the corporate ladder. We’re talking about Nikola. The newfound electric truck maker has announced an impressive market value of $34 billion after debuting on the New York Stock Exchange.

This is a tremendous market value, more than that of Ford, for example. What makes this even more impressive is that Nikola hasn’t actually reported a single dollar in revenue yet. The automaker is so new that they’re vehicles aren't out of production yet.

Though that might be part of the brand’s success. They’ve shown some very promising potential as an up and coming electric brand. They have plans for a massive Arizona plant and they’ve recruited auto executive Mark Duchesne, for example.

We’ll get a real taste of consumer interest later this month, when Nikola opens up reservations for their first electric pickup truck, the Badger. We fully expect the reservations to full up immediately, though.

The brand also has an electric semi in the works. This is likely developed as a rival to Tesla’s semi, set to release in the near future. And since Nikola doesn’t have an eccentric and often controversial CEO, we’re sure they’ll retain their value in the coming years.