Some people consider The Dream" to be a large garage of classic cars, others think it's more like a long strip and a powerful hotrod. But to 37-year-old Takeshi Teruya, it's building a drift track in his New Zealand backyard.

The Japan-born car enthusiast moved to Hamilton, New Zealand in 2007. Not long after, Teruya built a 426-foot long drift circuit around his own home. The project, which professionals estimated would cost $27,000 to complete, was done with only $11,000. This is because Teruya found his own asphalt supplier and performed the construction himself.

Teruya calls himself "the happiest man" in the country since he only has to step outside to engage in his favorite hobby every day.

As unpleasant it must seem to live next to someone drifting every day, Teruya's neighbors have been entirely supportive of the project. It may have helped that his property is fairly large and that said neighbors are auto enthusietst themselves. His wife, while also supportive, remarked that her husband was crazy for undertaking such a project.

His children have been more than happy about the track, using their scooters and bikes on it when dad isn't emulating action movies.

Teruya didn't speak much of what vehicles he prefers. But in the video above, we see what looks like a Nissan Infiniti G35 coupe, known in that country as the Nissan Skyline. It appears to have been given all of the appropriate modifications to facilitate the activity.

Our hats are off to you, Takeshi Teruya. Keep living that dream.