One of America's most taxi-filled towns is about to get a little greener. A new model has joined the New York City taxi fleets: a Tesla Model 3.

If you were to hail a cab in NYC, you'll get either a Ford Crown Victorias or a Nissan NV200. These are the models approved for use by the official Taxi and Limousine Commission, until now. A new ruling by the TLC has approved the Tesla Model 3 for use.

Official Model 3 taxis will undergo modification before use. This includes a coat of paint, decals, a roof light, an interior partition, and internal cameras. There will also be the standard taximeter for calculating rates, but it's not clear where it will be as to not hinder the 17-inch infotainment screen.

All taxis require a medallion to be certified. The Model 3 will receive the "unrestricted" medallion, which does not require additional accessibility options. Interestingly enough, it will not receive the "alternative fuel" medallion that various hybrids would.

New York City taxis must wear a medallion indicating their official certification by the Commission. The Model 3 will get an "unrestricted" medallion, meaning it doesn't need extra accessibility accommodations like some larger vans and SUVs. However, interestingly, it also won't get an "alternative fuel" medallion like many approved hybrid vehicles.

Taxis and their heavy focus on tradition and exclusivity are part of the reason that ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft took off as hard as they did. It's good to see that the TLC is accepting of new technology. Now if they could accept new ideas as well.