Automakers go through a fair amount of effort to keep the design of their new vehicles a secret. But like a broken radiator, there are always leaks. This time around, we get a peek at the new Land Rover Defender design, taken from the instrument cluster of the car itself.

The image originates on an Instagram blog called LandRoverPhotoAlbum, where "someone managed to sneakily photograph the display cluster of the New Defender." This is our first public look at the new design for a tremendously popular model line.

The design appears to show off a 5 door model, compared to a lego rendition promoted previously with a 3 door option. Unfortunately, everything beyond this is speculation, including the rumors of a hybrid electric powertrain.

As for pricing, which will also be speculative, we expect something between the Land Rover Discovery and the Range Rover Sport. Vehicles of similar age and quality, that places the predicted price of the Defender somewhere between $53,000 and $68,000.