We often hear about all of the things that automakers experiment with, but never implement. But this time, a few of those futuristic ideas are actually coming to fruition. The next generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class will feature new tech like 3D views and augmented reality guidance.

The brand recently announced the new generation of S-Classes, listing out many of the changes it comes with. Some of these are expected improvements in technology, like large digital screens, touch interfaces, voice commands, and so on. Others are more advanced and experimental.

One feature of note is a new 3D map interface. When activated, the infotainment screen (clocking in at 12.3 inches in size) will display the local area as a 3D map instead of the traditional 2D, top-down style. This provides a greater sense of location and familiarity when navigating, especially when landmarks like rivers or large buildings are involved.

But that isn't the fascinating 3D part of the car interface. It also features a 3D view. We’re talking about “wear special glasses at the theatre” kind of 3D. Buttons will float in front of the screen. This is done by tracking the driver's eyes and displaying a different pixel display at specific angles to create the illusion of 3D without needing to wear special equipment. The only other time we’ve seen this trick was with the popular handheld video game console, the Nintendo 3DS.

The other sci-fi feature is the augmented reality assistance. This system will display information and graphics in front of the driver, overlaid with the view of the road. This can provide useful information like road signs and collisions warnings, as well as navigation info like where the correct lane is and when to turn. This is an optional feature, and will likely cost more to be added.

The future is now, folks. Soon enough, features like this will become standard. And we can’t wait.