Businesses will often shift from one focus to another. Honda originally made motorcycles, and now the Accord is one of the most common sedans of the modern age. Motorcycle producer Erik Buell is making a similar transition, moving away from motorcycles to produce electric bicycles.

The new venture is called Fuell. They achieved funding from crowdfunding source Indiegogo on June 27, having raised nearly $1 million toward their first product, the Fluid e-bike.

Unlike your standard bike with an electric motor, the Fluid uses a pair of swappable batteries, allowing for twice the capacity of other electric bikes of comparable specs. With a 1 killowat-hour capacity and a 500-watt mid drive motor, the Fluid will have a 20 mph top speed with 135 miles of range.

The Fluid DOES follow along with the same trend as most high-end e-bikes, costing a hefty $3,199 through the Indiegogo page. This is a bit much considering the source materials for the bike. We're guessing that most of that cost is going toward the sleek and discreet design, which is certainly appealing.

Pre-orders for the bike are expected to ship in August.

Maybe bikes aren't exactly your bag either, Mr. Buell.