Mini, as the name implies, has never been known for big and tough vehicles. But they're looking to squash that idea with their new electric car coming out next year, the Mini E. To show what it's capable of, they had one tow a jumbo jet.

Properly called the Cooper S E, it's shaped like a hatch but has a powertrain more akin to a muscle car. In the video, the vehicle pulls a Boeing 777F cargo plane along the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. It starts slow and doesn't go for very long, but the fact it was able to at all is impressive.

Despite the display of power, we don't actually know what the Cooper S E's specs are. We're guessing it has at least 175 horsepower. And with the instantaneous nature of electric torque, it would be easier to pull things.

The Mini Cooper S E will hit showrooms next year.