Mercedes-Benz is making some impressive sounding claims lately. The automaker is claiming that a new concept car will be "uncrashable." And they plan to show it off later this year.

According to a report by Motoring Sunday, Mercedes-Benz global research and development head Ola Kalennius believes in the idea of a car that can avoid crashes. In a statement made at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, they released small details regarding the idea and a concept car that implements it.

Kalennius explained that the concept would use a combination of advanced self-driving technology and collision protection to create the ultimate safety vehicle. He believes that using an evolving, self-driving AI and cloud information to track vehicle surroundings, we as a society can avoid car accidents entirely.

Many of the technologies they plan to present in the concept car is rather close to production, according to Kalennius. He expressed amazement at the work of their engineers and is excited to make an uncrashable production car.

The main catch of this concept is inclusion. If there are vehicles that are not part of the cloud information tracking, then the autonomous vehicle will have a significantly harder time keeping the passengers safe. But society progresses and such vehicles become more readily available, hopefully lethal accidents will go down.