We know that concept cars are supposed to be a bit beyond realistic. But Mercedes-Benz's latest concept is nothing short of alien. As a matter of fact, it was even designed with help by the team behind the movie Avatar. Introducing the Vision AVTR.

The auto brand revealed this concept car at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Short for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, the entire design was produced in collaboration with the design team from the hit action sci-fi movie, Avatar.

And boy, does it show.

To start, the body and the cabin alike are designed to be smooth, modern, and oddly organic. Extremely streamlined, all things can be done through a center console, leaving the rest of the vehicle for dramatic ambiance. You won't find a single button inside.

The vehicle uses biometrics to connect to the driver, tracking physical contact, heartbeat and breathing patterns. Using their palm, the driver can access a variety of functions via gestures. This includes a 3D map of Pandora, the fictional world from the film. A "Magic Pool" infotainment system can be found in the back of the front seats. This is intended to entertain passengers in the back seat section.

The vehicle has a focus on sustainability, as well. Synthetic leather and rattan wood encompass the cabin. This is to focus on the natural nature of the local Na'vi. The battery system is based on a graphene organic cell chemistry, requiring no rare earth metals. This makes the battery compostable, recyclable and sustainable. Mercedes states that it also would charge rather quickly, at 15 minutes to full charge.

They didn't stop just at the looks. The automaker expands on the powertrain. The vehicle would feature four electric motors mounted near the wheels. This would result in about 469 horsepower and would allow for complex maneuvers like "crab walking" up steep slopes.

Of all the concepts ever made, this has to be the most "not going to happen" of them all. The looks alone are absolutely out of this world (sorry) and it would break almost every automotive production law there is. We don't even know what the wheels are made of.

Shame, I'd love to ride in one.