Mazda Motor Corp made a statement last Thursday that they will be recalling over 52 thousand vehicles due to a spider problem. Specifically, that too many spiders are building nests in their gas systems.

The National Highway Safety Commission said that the nests, once established, could restrict vent lines, which causes an increase in fuel tank pressure. Increased pressure can result in tank cracks and leaks. This is what prompted the recall.

It may seem crazy that this can even be a problem. Why are so many spiders climbing into fuel lines? The issue lies with the Yellow Sac spider. This particular spider is rather fond of the smell of gasoline, and will actively seek it out. While the Yellow Sac spider is fairly rare in Japan, its a common critter in the States.

The problem is only with the Mazda6, the model being recalled. This is because the car has 2 pipes coming from the gas tank, a bespoke feature. This allows the smell of gasoline to be strong enough to attract the spiders, without being so strong as to kill them. No other Mazda models have this problem.

The recall will install a spring system to the vent line to prevent any creatures from trying to enter.

This can be horrifying news for anyone with a Mazda6 and arachnophobia. If that sounds like you, be sure to get in touch with your local Mazda dealership.