Here’s a classic concept for you: what if someone made a car completely out of wood? We’re not talking about that old wood panel look of minivans from the 90s. We mean a Mercedes G63 AMG SUV made entirely out of wooden pieces. That’s the latest accomplishment of this online woodworker.

The popular woodworking YouTube channel “woodworking art” recently published a video, building an accurate scale model of the aforementioned SUV using some Fujian cypress wood. The video, sped up to only be 9 minutes and 25 seconds long, shows the entire construction process.

As seen in the video, this is more than just a block, cut out to look like the vehicle. It has a frame, functional suspension, A-arms, the works. All of it is wooden, too. Well, almost. Some specific pieces, like the suspension springs, are metal, due to the inherently not springy nature of wood. But whatever COULD be wood, is.

This is only the latest in a series of mini wooden models this creator has made. In the past, they made vehicles like the Lamborghini Aventador, the classic GT500, and the C8 Corvette. Often sold afterwards, each vehicle goes for over $1,000. A high price, but understandable given the effort to make them. Unfortunately, the G63 AMG is already claimed by an unknown buyer.

I like to do some woodworking as a hobby. And seeing the level of detail and effort done here is simply impressive. To make so many pieces at that size fit together all without any issue is no easy task. It’s certainly not something a casual woodworker like me could accomplish.