Driving forward is old news. Anyone can do it. We need something fresh and new to break records with. How about the speed record for driving backward?

Daniel Abt drove an electric Audi RS 3 recently, achieving an unofficial land speed record of 130 mph. Video proof of the attempt was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, embedded below.

Abt is part of the Audi Sport Abt Formula E team. The group had the Audi RS 4 modified by Schaeffler Group to produce 1,200 instant horsepower from a fully electric powertrain, replacing the 2.5-liter turbocharged inline 5-cylinder engine previously installed. Instead, it uses four Formula E electric motors.

With parts in place and nerve steeled, Adt began attempting for a new speed record on a stretch of flat tarmac. It took several tries before he could achieve the 130 mph speed.

Due to the technical restrictions of a combustion engine transmission, an all-electric vehicle is much more suitable for making a reverse-record. The gearing limits of traditional vehicles prevent most vehicles from going any faster than 10 to 15 mph in reverse.

Even with the new powertrain, the dangers of driving backward at such speeds were still very apparent. In the final two attempts, Abt had spun out upon applying the brakes. This can be dangerous at 130 mph, even if moving forward.

Given that this was not a formal record break, officials were not on hand to witness and record the event. Abt doesn't know if it would qualify formally. Usually, speed records require the driver to meet the goal twice, going there and back. But after the final attempt, Abt had to exit the vehicle out of nerves.