Tesla has grown tremendously over the last handful of years. They’ve seemed unstoppable. But their momentum is being hindered by a lizard of all things.

Well, in fairness, it’s not a single lizard. It’s a small collection of lizards. Tesla’s efforts to begin building cars in Germany have been delayed due to environmental concerns. According to a report by the New York Times, two different environmental groups are asking German courts to force Tesla to relocate the population of snakes and lizards from the location they intended to build their Gigafactory.

The groups’ reasons: they're an endangered species. Animals like the Horvath’s Rock Lizard is considered an endangered species in Germany and the environmental groups want to ensure they are safely relocated before Tesla begins construction.

This is only the most recent of multiple interruptions Tesla has experienced in building their factory. Previously, they had discovered WWII era bombs, and were given tree-cutting restrictions. All of this has caused the site to be about six months behind schedule.

While an inconvenience, Tesla’s best move is to take this request with an open heart. Electric vehicles are a major step towards improving the environment. And an active effort to be environmentally friendly would (aside from just being a good thing to do) be wonderfully positive press for them. Fighting against the courts for their right to destroy the homes of endangered animals isn’t a very good look. So let the factory be delayed, we say. We’d rather wait.