It took a good 50 years, but Lamborghini finally unveiled the Countach LP500.

Confused? So were we. When we hear Countach, we think of the Aventador-based model they debuted a little over a month ago during the 2021 Monterey Car Week. But that isn’t what this is. Instead, they showed off the original Countach.

Ok, still confusing, but hear this out. Way back in 1971, during the Geneva International Motor Show, Lamborghini revealed a new model, the Countach. The specific vehicle shown was a prototype called the Countach LP500. While sporting a fascinating design by Marcello Gandini, the vehicle never actually got to see production. The prototype model was sent off for crash testing in 1974, but the vehicle disappeared shortly after.

We never heard more about the vehicle until 2017, where it was reported that someone close to Lamborghini himself asked him about the idea to recreate the LP500 through Polo Storico, the company’s official classic car department. Agreeing, the company began work on digging up what information they could.

From 3D-printed remakes of special components to developing special rubbers no longer in production, efforts have been made over time to bring the historical model back to life. And at long last, they have. Revealed during the 2021 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este currently underway on the shores of Italy's Lake Como, the modern Countach LP500 is finally complete.

It’s not clear if the automaker intends to build more examples. Even if they do, there’s no word as to how expensive it would be to get your hands on one. Even so, it’s pretty cool to see an aspect of history revived like this.