We’re growing ever closer to the future. But not the scientific, realistic future. We’re talking about the retro future sci-fi we would see in 80s action shows. We’re talking about flying cars.

No, not quadcopters or other hovercrafts. This is a literal car that can convert into a flying vehicle. Developed by Klein Vision, the Air Car prototype has just completed it’s first inter-city flight.

Driven by company co-founder Stefan Klein, the Air Car prototype launched from the ground at the Nitra airport into the air on June 28, where it flew to the Bratislava airport about 60 miles away. After taking about 25 minutes with a cruising speed of 118 mph, the vehicle landed safely and converted back into it’s driving mode.

This is a more literal take on “flying car,” being the only in-research model that actually is a wheeled vehicle with wings and a single propeller. All other prototypes out there have essentially been a multi-passenger quadcopter of some sort. When swapping from driving to flying mode, the vehicle will open up and pull out a set of foldable wings. The wings will unfold and lock into place, while the tail spoiler will extend further back to increase stability.

While still a work in progress, the current example uses a BMW sourced engine to generate 160 horsepower to the fixed propeller. There are plans for a stronger engine capable of 300 hp and a variable pitch propeller that will be used to obtain road and flight certification. This example will be able to cruise the sky at 186 mph and sustain over 600 miles in flight mode.

A release window for sales of the Air Car haven’t been detailed, Klein is already thinking about a second model with four seats and twin engines that can land on water.

Just paint it black and give it an AI voice inside and I can finally live out my Knight Rider dreams.