Here’s a fun recall notice: Kia is recalling nearly 380,000 vehicles, and warning owners to not park their vehicles inside to avoid any risk of fires.

According to a report by AP News, Kia has issued a recall for various 2017-19 Cadenza sedans and 2017-21 Sportage crossovers. Affecting a little under 380,000 vehicles, the electrical circuit in the HECU (the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit) might short circuit. If this happens, the compartment can catch on fire.

Due to the fire risk, Kia is asking that vehicle owners “park outside and away from structures” until the recall repair is complete.

Some potential symptoms that may appear before a fire starts include the tire pressure, antilock brake, or other warning light activating on their dashboard. This may be followed by a burning or melting smell.

The recall is the result of a multi-year long investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They claim to have reports of as many as 3,100 fires, 103 injuries and one death before the investigation began.

This is a rough break for Kia, who only months ago was issued a $137 million fine for not recalling enough vehicles for an engine failure issue (Hyundai was also involved). The NHTSA claimed that over six million Kia and Hyundai vehicles were affected by fires and engine issues since 2015. That might be a bit better than the 2020 Ford Mustangs whose brake calipers were snapping off, at least.

Owners of these models can enter their VIN into the NHTSA website to know if it applies to them. You can submit your VIN, regardless of make or model, to know if any recalls exist for your vehicle. It’s never a bad idea to check.