Jaguar is about to see the biggest rebranding they’ve ever had. In a recent announcement by Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore, the brand will become exclusively electric in the next five years.

The plan, dubbed “Reimagine” internally, Jaguar will develop their own electric vehicle platform in an effort to set itself apart from the Land Rover brand, which will utilize a separate electric/hybrid powertrain.

Unfortunately, this means that Jaguars previously planned electric, the XJ, has been cancelled. Originally due for production in 2020 (pandemic delays and such), it was built on the MLA platform, which will be a Land Rover feature. It’s possible that we will see the XJ revived with the Jaguar’s new platform. But at the moment, there’s no guarantee.

This doesn't mean Land Rover will be left behind in the electrification race, either. Bollore announced a plan to have a fully electric variation of every vehicle that Land Rover offers. The first model is targeted to launch some time in 2024, with five more following suit.

While the restructuring may be severe, it won’t affect their existing plants in a negative way. While volume at some may be reduced, they’ll gradually be converted to support the EV plan.

Electrification is the next big thing in automotive. Many brands are rushing to get onto the forefront of the trend. This move might be what Jaguar needs to stay relevant. It also might be a missed shot, leading to a massive waste of time and resources. Only time will tell.