Have you ever sat down in your car and thought "man, I wish I could be walking instead?" We have too, actually. Sometimes car rides can be long and stiff. Well, Jaguar Land Rover is looking to help with that. They're working on a car seat that tricks your body into thinking it's walking.

The automaker recently unveiled a strange new invention called the Morphable Seat. This system uses a series of actuators located in the seat foam to create a never-ending loop of micro-adjustments and pelvic oscillation. According to the brand, this makes your brain think you're walking. This would help reduce muscle strain and discomfort. Jaguar Land Rover claims that the seats could be customized for each individual user, allowing for maximum comfort. 

Little details about the Morphable Seats were given beyond that. We can't imagine that it would be very affordable. Not compared to normal seats, anyway. There's a fair chance that they never intend to bring the system to production vehicles anyway.

This is definitely something that you have to experience to understand. It's certainly a hard concept to understand from home. But if it can make long car rides more bearable, than I'm all ears.