Plenty of folks are excited about Tesla's upcoming pickup truck. Some are so excited, in fact, that they couldn't wait. In this case, it's Simone Giertz, who converted her Tesla Model 3 into a small pickup.

Revealed on Tuesday, Giertz showed off the Truckla, a Model 3-turn-truck. The process, only taking a few months, was worked on in mild secrecy. The cutting crew didn't even know what they were modifying the vehicle for. The rear passenger seating has been eliminated, making room for a short bed, tailgate, and railings.

To celebrate the creation, Giertz released a promotional video akin to your average truck commercial, ending with the humorous claim that the Truckla would be "available nowhere." Our sympathies to anyone hoping to buy their own.

According to Giertz, the Model 3 was a specific choice due to its steel construction. Steel is generally easier to modify and work with than aluminum is, which can be found in the Model S and X.

This isn't Simone Giertz's first time in internet popularity either. Known through certain forums as the Queen of Shitty Robots, she has a reputation and following online for her series of pointless and ineffective robots and other machinery.

As a fan of electrics as well as small trucks, I'd love to have a Truckla of my own.