Mattel is taking a play out of Tesla’s playbook it seems. And it’s fairly fitting, considering it's in relation to their vehicle. The Hot Wheels Cybertruck model and RC cars are on delay.

According to a report by Bloomberg on Thursday, Hot Wheel owner Mattel is experiencing production issues that will cause a delay in the launch of the Cybertruck crossover toy.

"We have directly reached out to all customers who have placed orders for this specialty collector's item, as we know our fans are excited," Explained Mattel to Roadshow. They also gave an estimated launch window of May 2021.

The partnership will consist of two toys. One is a 1:64 scale model, looking the same approximate size as their standard diecast toys. The other is a much larger 1:10 scale RC car. The smaller option will cost $20, while the large-scale RC car will be a much heftier $400. The larger model will have working lights, a working tailgate, and even a cracked window reusable sticker (a fun reference to the cybertruck’s flubbed promo event). It has a 30 minute battery life and can reach speeds up to 25 mph.

The two RC cars were announced a while back, with preorders almost immediately selling out. As such, getting your hands on one now will be pretty difficult. If you’re one of the lucky ones that snagged a preorder on time, our sympathies about the delay.