Smartphones? Boring. Smart Cars? That's yesterday's news! I want something truly and uneedingly modern! Give me Smart Intersections!

In all seriousness, Honda has announced their first "smart intersection" installation at the cross between Main Street and Fifth Avenue in Marysville, Ohio. In collaboration with the city of Marysville and Drive Ohio, this addition is part of a $2 million pilot program to help create a more automated driving experience.

Honda is calling it the Vehicle to Everything, or V2X. The system uses four cameras, pointing in all four directions, to detect emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and even potential red light runners. It then displays warnings relating to these on a screen for those driving.

This is ideal for those awkward street corners where a building, tree, or other inconvenience obstruct your view when trying to turn. Or that's what Jim Keller, Honda Research & Development Americas chief engineer, says.

"The key part of this technology is that it's able to sense things that you can't see. It's able to do things our eyes can't do, our ears can't do, so this technology moves us beyond where any onboard sensor is today."

The system was actually installed in February of this year. During this time, Honda employees have been using a special dashboard attachment that displays the warnings from the system. It wasn't until Thursday, however, when Honda had an official demonstration, did it enter our eyes.