While video game and automotive folk don't always overlap, the two industries have held a symbiotic partnership for years now. As major automakers develop outstanding cars, game developers bring simulations of those cars to your home as a video game. Sometimes, people even make cars that originated from video games. Now Honda is taking that relationship one step closer by partnering with eSports group Team Liquid as an official sponsor.

Throughout the upcoming eSports season, Honda will support the team's participation in various local and international tournaments, including but not limited to League of Legends Championship Series in LA. The team will arrive at the events in their own custom Honda Odyssey, with a fleet of Custom Civics for intermediate transportation.

The automaker will also be producing a six-part YouTube video series called Level Up, where viewers will follow along with gaming's biggest games and rosters for a behind the scenes look at the process of playing video games at a competitive level.

As society evolves, so do their interests. And it looks like Honda is fully embracing the new trends of today, like eSports.