Every automaker has made some kind of commitment toward electrification. But actions will always speak louder than words. And now, Honda has shown the first sign of their upcoming actions. Introducing the Honda Prologue.

Honda unveiled the vehicle on Marked for a 2024 release, the Prologue will be a fully electric crossover. It will be based on the Ultium platform sourced by General Motors. While Honda is working on their own electric platform (known as the e:Architecture), it won’t be ready in time for the Prologue’s launch.

The Ultium platform is capable of up to 1,000 horsepower and as long as 400 miles range on a full charge. These are the maximums on both ends, however. Until we hear more about the Prologue specifically, performance specs are essentially just speculation.

The automaker explained that the name is inspired by the upcoming changes for the brand’s electric vision. It’s meant to be the beginning of a variety of new electric cars, thus making it the prologue. And with a plan to become fully electric by 2040, this is certainly the beginning.

With crossovers being one of the most popular vehicles right now, it makes sense for them to be spearheading their electric front with one of them. We look forward to learning more in the coming years.