While electrification may be the future of Automotives, it might not be as welcome in the classic car community as you might think. One group of classic car elitists are speaking against electric engines.

Remember not long ago, when we talked about a modular electric engine? It was being produced with the intention of replacing the original motors in classic cars. This, in theory, would allow enthusiasts to still enjoy classic vehicles in a future of electric cars.

But FIVA doesn't agree with this idea. The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens, an international organization for historical vehicles, believe that it's no longer a classic car if it has a new engine.

According to a statement released last week by Vice President Tiddo Bresters, the entirety of a car determines its classic status, not just the exterior bits.

"It is not, in our opinion, the shape or body style of a vehicle that makes it ‘historic’, but the way in which the entire vehicle has been constructed and manufactured in its original form."

FIVA believes that for a car to be considered historic, it has to meet the following criteria.
  • Mechanically propelled
  • At least 30 years old
  • Preserved in a correct and accurate condition
  • Not used for daily use
  • Considered of technical or cultural heritage
FIVA defines historic vehicles as any mechanically propelled road vehicle that is at least 30 years old, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, not used as a means of daily transport, and part of our technical and cultural heritage.

The organization has added a stipulation to this mindset, saying that any classic car that has been electrified will be given a stamp of approval if they undo the modification and restore the previous combustion engine.

It comes as little surprise that an organization dedicated to tracking old vehicles might have a bias against new technology. Fortunately, we're not exactly looking for FIVA's approval. So we remain in full support of electrifying a classic car if the owner wants to.