Stile Bertone, one of Italy's oldest design houses, is back again. Now they're working with AKKA Technologies and Flymove to develop a line of electric supercars.

Bertone originally filed for bankruptcy in 2014. By last November, the company had sold the last of their available assets. This included selling the Bertone name rights, which sold to AKKA Technology. The company would then license these rights to Flymove, a mobility company launching their own electric car brand called Dianchè. Flymove will be using Bertone to develop the supercar portion of their lineup.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that the original Bertone team are the people behind the project. Flymove is essentially using the brand for their car line and nothing more.

This doesn't mean a loss of quality, however. Flymove premiered two concepts for the line: the Dianchè Bertone BSS GT One and BSS GT Cube. Both vehicles were shown off to potential investors in a launch event last year.

Both vehicles feature four electric motors, one at each wheel. The BSS GT One cites a total of 400 horsepower with the BSS GT Cube at around 800 hp. The Cube will have a 0 to 62 time of 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph, according to Flymove.

Each car will come with a 100-kilowatt-hour battery. Flymove is also developing a battery swapping system, however. Drivers would have the option of swapping out an empty battery with a fully charged one at designated stations. The process, taking about 3 minutes, would be the fastest way to fully charge an electric vehicle yet. Even with high power fast chargers, regular charging can take upwards of 30 minutes to reach full charge. Flymove will begin installing the first of these stations in Italy this year.

Preorders for these and other vehicles begins on January 15, with delivery to begin in 2020. Right now, only nine examples of each vehicle are planned.