The top dog of heavy bikes is looking into the lightest motor vehicle there is. Harley Davidson has a new division dedicated to a line of electric-powered bicycles.

Commonly known as e-bikes, these are regular bicycles with an electric battery and motor attached to assist in travel. Harley Davidson has a new Serial 1 division, which launched last month, that will produce a line of CTY e-bikes for sale in the United States and Germany.

Those in tune to large city trends won't be too surprised by this decision. Micro vehicles have been growing increasingly popular in large populated areas where traffic may already be fairly congested.

So what’s so special about these e-bikes?

The CTY models will have a frame and forks made from hydroformed aluminum, keeping it lightweight. They come with lithium ion batteries that last for 30 to 100 miles, depending on usage. These batteries power a 250-watt Brose S Mag mid-mounted motor that produces 66 pound-feet of torque. This means that the motor can provide up to 20 mph of travel assistance.

The brand also boasts about their Gates Carbon Drive belts, a product that doesn't use grease or oil to help reduce maintenance. They come with an Envoilo gear system and an automatic transmission.

The various models, which range from the MOSH/CTY to the RUSH/CTY all cost somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000, have a max speed assistance of 20 mph, and a battery life for 30 to 100 miles. Pre-orders for the e-bikes are available now in the US and Germany, with deliveries happening early next spring.
In our opinion, these are a bit overpriced for an e-bike. Though we are sure they would be worth it.