As any motorcycle enthusiast will tell you, keeping your bike upright is more effort than you might think. They’re big, heavy, and have a natural inclination for simply falling over. But if a recent patent by Harley Davidson is to be believed, bike makers are looking into solving that.

According to a recent patent filing by the Harley Davidson Motorcycle company, found by Cycle World, the brand is working on a compact gyroscopic device that, when powered, would use physics to help keep the bike upright.

The unit, like most gyroscopes, springs a heavy counterweight at tremendous speeds. This creates a stabilization effect, since moving the weight in any direction, including down, will be naturally resisted by the spinning object.

The idea of a gyroscope system isn't particularly new. What sets this device apart is that it’s shaped to fit inside an existing top case, making it modular and easy to “install” on a variety of different models. This particular device would automatically shut off as the bike gains speed (which it then naturally keeps itself upright using the same principles).

Like all patents, there is no word as to when this would come to market, if at all.And if it does, how much it would cost. The modular nature of the device would help reduce costs regarding installation, at least. In the meantime, we’ll be watching. You’ll have to keep your bikes upright on their own for now.