Electric powertrains have been a major focus for the entire automotive industry for a few years now. But here’s something you might not have considered: the tires. Fortunately, the folks at Goodyear have been giving this a great deal of thought. And as such, they’ve come up with a new tire: the ElectricDrive GT.

Your first inclination may be doubtful. What do tires have to do with what kind of engine (or powertrain) it has? And in a sense, it doesn’t. Tires do, however, have to consider things like the size, weight, and center of gravity or a vehicle. Traditional combustion engines are very front heavy. All of the workings are under the hood. Electric vehicles are very bottom heavy, with most of the weight coming from the battery that runs along the bottom of the car. Additionally, electrics are notably heavier than combustion cars in general. While, generally, your standard low-rolling resistance all-season tire works fine for an electric, this will be a tire specifically designed with performance electric vehicles in mind.

The ElectricDrive GT tires will first be available in size 255/45-19, the same size that most Tesla models take. Defined as an ulti-high-performance, all-season tire with a treadwear rating of 500. It will contain sound-dampening material inside of the tire to reduce tire howl as well. Since many EVs are quieter than engines, there’s less engine noise to drown out any tire howl, making it more noticeable, especially on more aggressive tires.

Assuming you own a Tesla, you might be thinking about whether to invest in your own set of these tires or not. In our opinion: don’t bother. These likely cost a fair deal more than standard tires. And unless you’re taking your Model Y to the racetrack regularly, then you likely won’t be getting your money’s worth.

They’re not the only ones making an electric tire, either. Michelin has the Pilot Sport EV, another low-rolling resistance all-season tire made for EVs. Instead of focusing on performance, they prioritize having a lower carbon footprint. They’re also already available in a variety of sizes. If you really want an EV based tire, that’s probably a better choice.