Auto giant General Motors is looking to end the flat-tire conundrum. According to a statement on Tuesday, the company is working with Michelin for a new prototype airless tire.

Called Uptis, the name is short for Unique Puncture-proof Tire System. While the airless tire idea is nothing new, this will be one of the few instances where the prototype will be in actual application and not just for testing. GM intends to place them on Chevrolet Bolt EVs as soon as 2024.

Airless tires work by hiding a compressing spring system underneath a standard tire. Instead of relying on air compression to keep the vehicle safely off the ground, the tension of the system will keep the tires in shape. This is a sought after solution for a variety of common tire issues, like punctures and waste needed. It also reduces the rate of wear a tire experiences as the result of over/under pressure.

Unfortunately, neither GM or Michelin have solved the current issue of price. The shape and materials of an airless tire make it costly to produce. And what's more unappealing to a consumer than the cost? They also have the issue of variety. There are countless cars out there and plenty of different sizes and shapes they need to account for. THat's a lot of testing and differences to account for.

So for now: stay used to using normal tires.