It's been nearly a decade since they stopped making the Hummer. But the infamously low MPG vehicle line might be making a comeback as an all-electric.

GM has noticed that the SUV is growing in popularity again, namely with Wrangler and Jeep. They also noticed that electrification is the next big thing (everyone knows that by now). And according to sources at Bloomberg, the company is thinking about reviving the brand as an electric SUV.

According to the sources, GM has been working on design work for Hummer concepts, including implementing cues from Hummer into other GMC vehicles.

From a marketing perspective, this would give GM a weapon to compete against Rivian and their electric SUV and pickup releasing soon. The Hummer name already has a well-known reputation they can bank on, as well.

Unfortunately, news this early in the idea phase is usually pretty unreliable. Countless things can happen between now and when a vehicle might reach production. Even if they do end up selling an electric Hummer, it'll be quite a few years before that happens.