It’s been talked about, theorized, and wished for. But only now do we have any confirmation. Muscle power, classic design, and modern technology combine to what could potentially be an industry game changer. Get ready for the Electric Chevrolet Corvette.

General Motors President Mark Reuss confirmed development of the vehicle on Monday when talking to CNBC’s Phil LeBeau duing a segment called Squawk Box. Not much detail was given beyond it being a confirmed plan. This was almost immediately followed by a new teaser trailer dropping on the Chevrolet YouTube channel, showing some cinematic scenes of a Corvette in a snowy clearing.

Reuss was able to confirm a few things, however. One was they’re looking to get it going as soon as next year. They’ve been testing the model on public roads for over a year now, apparently. And to keep it from being too different, it will be based on the current C8 Corvette platform.

The nature of its electrification remains unknown, though. Some suspect a hybrid, while others believe it to be a full electric. Some of that speculation comes from engineers using the Acura NSX as a benchmarking model, which offers a hybrid powertrain sporting three electric motors and a twin-turbocharged V6 combustion engine.

Later that day, Reuss posted more information on LinkedIn, saying that the Electric Corvette will use the GM Ultium EV Platform and battery. We first saw this platform used on the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. Since that was capable of up to 1,000 horsepower, we can expect the Corvette to pack quite a punch.

Reuss also claims that the platform has a system to recover heat from the batteries, using it to perform various cabin functions, improving battery range by up to 10%, and various other improvements.

This reminds us of back during the Presidential election, when now-president Joe Biden claimed he had been told that an electric Corvette was in the works, capable of 200mph. We don’t know how trustworthy his information is, whether he knew, or whether his remarks had influenced any of this. We can say that this does line up with what Reuss claimed was their development period.

We can safely put this one at the top of our most anticipated and desired EVs, easy. The Corvette is a beautiful model, one with a vehicular lifetime of respect. It’s grand to see it establishing itself in the future era of electric cars.