Tesla is committing to making their electric sedan, the Model S, into a vehicle of the future. New models have replaced the traditional steering wheel with a yoke style control console. But does this actually improve the experience?

The design, being implemented in every variant of the Model S, will become the sole option for the vehicle. A traditional steering wheel will not be offered as an alternative. While Tesla themselves haven’t given a specific reason as to why the commitment, some rumored motivations include improving view of the gauge cluster and improving the autopilot experience.

While the design is admittedly cool, MotorTrend’s Greg Fink experienced some issues with the design. While it felt fine in highway and other high speed scenarios, they noticed some awkwardness with lower speed situations like neighborhood roads and parking lot navigation. With a 14.0:1 steering ratio, full rotations are still required for near-full-lock turns. And between the square shape and the lack of an upper rim, it can be difficult to comfortably turn the steering tiller as much as needed.

Tesla has a tendency to act fast on vehicle changes. There’s a good possibility that a traditional steering wheel option will be implemented if enough demand for it arises. Time will tell.