If you’re the type that pushes your pickup to it’s hauling limit often, then listen up. Ford is implementing a new built-in scale to future F-150 models.

Between knowing your tow rating, and guessing tongue weights, it can be a hassle to get an accurate estimate of what you can actually haul with your particular vehicle. Ford wants to resolve this with a new “Onboard Scales” system that will measure the weight it’s carrying, and show you the optimal details.

The Onboard Scales can track both the weight of bed cargo, as well as anything the vehicle is towing. This information is then calculated and displayed on the infotainment system (as well as smartphone, if you have the right app). They even have extra lights in the tail lights that indicate when you’re reaching your limit.

This system works with another new technology: the Smart Hitch. This feature measures the tongue weight of whatever you’re towing and provides that info to the main system. It’ll even provide suggestions regarding weight distribution, based on the height of the tongue weight.

To further support haulers. The 2021 F-150 also has something called Suspension Dampers. When set to the appropriate haul/towing mode, this system will reduce shaking and bouncing caused by uneven roads.

The current F-150 model has a towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds, with a carry capacity up to 3,300 pounds. This makes it quite the work horse.

There’s still efforts made toward both a hybrid F-150, as well as a battery electric model. Details on them, along with their cargo capacities, is yet to be revealed.