If you've ever driven a vehicle with a trailer attached, whether it's a commercial truck or just something hitched to your SUV, you know how cumbersome it is to not be able to see what's behind you. But if the technology by Valeo is as good as it seems, that may not be a problem anymore.

Presented at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show this week, the French tech company revealed what they call the XtraVue Trailer System. Using a number of cameras installed on both the vehicle and the trailer, the car will display a combined image view on a digital screen, showing the driver what it would look like if they could see through their own trailer.

Attendees at the event could see the process with an external model on a demo vehicle. But according to Valeo, it will come with its own digital screen added to the vehicle dashboard. There's no word on if it can be combined with a vehicle's existing infotainment systems, which would be ideal.

This could be a world of difference when it comes to lane changing and other road maneuvers, especially for commercial and professional drivers. It would also make backing up and parking easier and safer.

This is quite similar to what Land Rover was prototyping in 2015. Cameras fed together to create a single reference view. Land Rover's concept was focused more toward horse transport and was integrated with smartphones instead of a separate screen, however.

This is a fantastic idea for large vehicles. There are countless clueless drivers renting out a massive uHaul without any experience. This system could be the difference between an accident claim and a smooth trip.

Details on pricing, date, and availability were not provided at this time.