Today's news is a bit more blue than normal. But it's for the greater good. Ford has started testing their vehicles for swamp butt using sweaty robots. In an announcement on Wednesday, the automaker revealed what they call the Robutt, a mechanical arm with a faux sweaty butt attached.

Ford explains the purpose of the Robutt: to ensure the quality of their vehicle's seats in a variety of rear ends. The process begins by simulating years of sitting down with a dry bottom. It was then modified to accept excess moisture, something that we as humans often have to face. The seats are then observed for any reactions to long exposure to THOSE elements.

When we say long exposure, we're talking about three days straight of testing. The artificial bottom will "sit" and "get up" around 7,500 times during this period. Ford estimates this to equate to about 10 years of use. For authenticity, the Robutt is heated to a steady 96 degrees Fahrenheit and soaked with about half a quart of water. This, combined with the specially designed shape and size, is to match the features of a "large man."

The first vehicle to really get the rear end was the 2018 Fiesta, which isn't available on the American market. Now it's testing its way across a line of European vehicles.

When crass meets quality.