Ford has a clear vision of the future. And according to a recent patent filing, they want their drivers to have just as clear of a vision. Recently discovered documentation details an ultra-tall windshield, stretching up to the roof and connecting to the rear window.

First discovered by ReturnOfTheMack on the Mach-E Club forums, Ford filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in May of 2018, which was published in November of last year. The patent describes what they call a "vehicle roof bow." The main windshield extends to the roof of the vehicle. Once there, it will attach to the rear window with a specifically designed joint system.

The patent itself is about the structure of the vehicle. It doesn't address the various impacts that having a giant window would have on a vehicle, such as sun exposure, shade, or cleaning. It also doesn't address how this might affect performance, shifting additional weight to the top side of the vehicle.

If this design does make it to production, it'll likely be on either the next-generation Mustang or the Mach-E. Only time will tell.

We'd hate having to replace a cracked windshield.