Ford doesn’t play when it comes to being gay, it seems. The automaker has unveiled the “Very Gay Ranger” to celebrate Christopher Street Day while also responding to homophobic comments online.

This is a couple of different overlapping events. Let’s back up a moment and explain.

First, let’s look at Ford’s German branch, which is located in Cologne, Germany. The town is also home to something called Christopher Street Day, a holiday that celebrates the LGBT+ community. Think PRIDE, but not as large scale. The automaker has been a long time participant in the event, occasionally showcasing vehicles with colorful rainbow paint jobs and pro-LGBT message decals.

This year, they showcased a Ranger Raptor, covered in rainbows, gold alphafoil, and other bright, visual components, as part of this year’s CSD. But the vehicle is also a witty comeback of sorts. According to Ford, they had a negative social media comment that called the performance blue color of the Ranger Raptor “very gay.” So in response, they named this particular Raptor example the “Very Gay Ranger.” The vehicle was on display until last Friday, having participated in the ColognePride 2021 parade on the following Sunday.

While not a new position for the company, it’s always refreshing to see Ford take such a consistent and strong stance in favor of the LGBT community. There remains a large degree of homophobia and transphobia in the world, especially in the automotive community.

People should be comfortable driving whatever they want, just like they should be comfortable loving however they want. We appreciate Ford’s expression at this time.