We may be past the age of designing technology with pen and paper, using digital mice and monitors. But according to Ford, we can be even more advanced. Designers for the automaker have started to use virtual reality to do their job.

Ford is introducing a new, three dimensional program called Gravity Sketch. Using VR technology, designers can get life-sized models and hands-on modifications, without the time and cost of making it in real life. It also gives the designers a closer, more accurate look at their designs from all angles, allowing them to see issues they may not have noticed otherwise.


Along with addinga new level of interaction, Gravity Sketch also speeds up the process significantly. Previously, designers had to sketch their designs in 2D and create a 3D model from that. Since the 2 to 3 D process is time-consuming, designers had to be careful what they moved forward with. With the VR design space, any flaws can be buffed out on the stop, without needing to restart the design process.

Gravity Sketch has been implemented at five of Ford's design studios as part of a test session. The future of the project will depend on how well it's integrated into the system.