Self-driving technology might be the next big thing, but not everywhere is very open to it. There are very few States in America that allow fully autonomous vehicles on their road. And now, Florida is joining them.

First reported by Automotive News, Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 311 into law on Thursday. Signed at SunTrax, a vehicle transport research and development center between Orlando and Tampa, the bill will allow driverless vehicles on Florida roads.

The bill will also allow for "active displays" on vehicle infotainment screens. This could be videos, TV, or potentially video games, to be displayed on the vehicle system while the car drives itself.

This is a surprising step forward to allowing autonomy. Most folks still do not trust self-driving cars to behave accordingly on public roads. Nearly anywhere that allows self-driving cars also requires that a human operator be present and focused on the road, in order to take control in a moment's notice.

This new ruling will also be a huge help for local businesses. Places like Kroger have been investing in autonomous vehicles that would deliver your grocery order right to your driveway. To maximize space, these vehicles have no drivers, only more storage compartments. Laws like this would need to be implemented before these programs can launch.

Come back in a month and see if we reported on a fatal accident involving a driverless car.