Hats off as we announce some truly unfortunate news. Several vintage vehicles were destroyed last Thursday after a film set caught on fire. The used car lot set used in HBO's movie adaption of "I Know This Much Is True."

The set, which takes place in the 1990s, featured 27 different vintage vehicles. The various cars were provided to HBO by Automobile Magazine New York bureau chief Jamie Kitman through a separate company he owns.

According to a statement by 613 Automotive Group general manager Chris Busby, the building itself, and "about a dozen vehicles were destroyed" in the fire, along with a number of camera and film equipment. These vehicles included "several Corvettes, Camaros, a minty C1500 pickup, a 454 SS pickup, a super-low-mileage 1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy Pace Car" edition, and other popular models of that era.

Don't worry, no people were harmed in the accident.

There's no word on how this will affect the production of "I Know This Much Is True." The film, starring Mark Ruffalo and Juliette Lewis, will be heavily delayed while a new set is produced if it's not canceled entirely.