Add another one to the list. Fiat is the latest automaker to commit to going completely electric in the next decade.

Brand CEO Oliver Francois made an announcement today (Friday) during a discussion livestream. In it, they detailed how they’d like to make cities “greener,” including converting their entire line up to electric by 2030.

The actual conversion will be gradual, starting in 2025 and lasting the following 5 years. And in a way, they didn’t have too much of a choice to make the change. The timing aligns with the year that various counties plan on banning the sale of pure combustion engine vehicles. While they didn’t need to go FULL electric (hybrids and hydrogen would be accepted), They’d have to do something to stay relevant after than ban.

It’s not like they’re only now working on the idea, either. Fiat already revealed a battery electric 500 last year. While not available in the US, it does pave the way for future models to be converted and possibly prepared for the States.

More details about Fiat and their future models will come in the near future. Stay tuned.