Tesla is about to have some competition in the weird electric pickup market. Canoo, an EV startup in California, has unveiled a currently unnamed pickup. And it looks as futuristic as you’d expect.

The first thing you’ll notice is the unorthodox design. It features a large, rounded front, which sharply cuts off upon reaching the cargo bed. Since it uses a modular skateboard EV powertrain, the front compartment where an engine would be is instead a closed off storage area. This way, cargo can be loaded in back while valuable or more weak-to-weather items can be stored in front.

It also means that there’s more room for the truck bed. A smaller truck, measuring only 184 inches long, a good 72 of them are for the bed. It even comes with a 30-inch extension on the back.

Rated for 1,800 pounds of maximum payload, it also comes with a tow hitch receiver. Canoo themselves, however, have not mentioned any official towing capacity or other information.

But how strong is it? The official answer: we don’t know yet. We do know it uses the same modular powertrain that Canoo uses in their other vehicles. Those feature a dual motor system capable of up to 600 horsepower. We can imagine that the same will be available for the pickup.

The trade-off comes with the range. The pickup is rated for over 200 miles on a full charge. While this is better than early era electric cars, it’s notably below the average EV of the current time. Most vehicles strive for at least 300 miles.

Canoo will open up preorders for the pickup in the latter half of 2021, with deliveries expected in early 2023. We can expect more details about the vehicle closer to the preorder date/ production won’t take place locally, but details as to where remain unknown.

At first, this is tremendously appealing to us. A good electric pickup would fit in the environmentally conscious workin’ man’s needs. The Cybertruck, while trendy, is rather expensive, and rather large. For someone looking for something smaller and more reasonably priced, this may be exactly what we need. This is assuming it IS more reasonably priced, that is.