There's no doubt that Elon Musk is the most well-known automotive executive in the current age. Proof of this can be seen with his recent guest appearance on hit animated show Rick and Morty.

In the show, which features a rude and belligerent scientist named Rick and an anxious child named Morty, the titular characters meet up with Elon Tusk, an alternate universe version of the Tesla CEO. In that universe, Elon is more or less the same, save for the fact that he has two large tusks coming out of his face.

The duo meets Elon Tusk at his electric car factory, Tuskla, and asks him for help regarding a mission they are working on.

This special appearance was actually teased about by Musk himself in March when he changed his Twitter handle to "Elon Tusk" for seemingly no reason.

Musk's established an impressive influence on both the automotive industry and on modern culture. Tesla's efforts have sparked a mad dash of sorts for electrification and the company continues to catch headlines for their new vehicles. Meanwhile, Musk's eccentric take on public relations and diverse pool of corporate resources, he's become a name that even the inexperienced driver knows about.

Do you think I could get a Cyber truck with tusks on it?