If you wanted a cheap car with a questionable background, there was no better place than Craigslist. But the platform won't be as vast as it once was now that a $5 posting fee has been launched.

Having begun on Monday, April 15, Craigslist now charges $5 to post a care sale ad for private parties.

This fee has existed for years when posted by dealerships, only now is it extending to personal sales. Some welcome the change, seeing it as an effective deterrent to scams and junk listings. Others are bothered by the fee, not wanting to have to pay to sell their vehicles.

This also presents an additional opportunity for Facebook. The social media network has its own sales platform similar to Craigslist, one that doesn't charge for car listings. While the unhappy users might transfer to the Facebook service over Craigslist, so will the scammers.

Would $5 stop you from selling on Craigslist? It's miniscule compared to the price of a car, after all.