Do you have a Ford F-150 but deep down wish you had a Fastback? Then today is your lucky day. Michigan Vehicle Solutions has developed a bed cap that emulates the Mustang variant's signature rear side.

The product's official name is the Aero X. Costing $3,995, it can be attacked to any F-150 models year 2015 or newer, as long as they have a 5.5 or 6.5-foot truck bed. No modification is required. It comes with a 260 pound lockable cap and retro louvers that attach via the standard bed clamps. It even offers an optional sound system attachment.

Company CEO Rish Oliver spoke with The Drive on Friday about their latest creation. According to Oliver, the decorative cap entirely form over function. Modeled after the Ford Mustang Fastback, it limits carrying space, costs a fair bit, and isn't easy to swap or store, but dang if it doesn't look good.

It's not all bad, though. The company claims that the aerodynamic shape of the cap could improve fuel economy. No statistics or testing has been provided, however.

Currently in a soft launch, approximately 10 Aero X examples are being produced each week. But since they do not have a mass market production build ready, demand has exceeded supply but a healthy margin.