The Volkswagen Beetle is a tremendously popular vehicle. It's been an iconic model, responsible for countless punches since 1998. But maybe you are tired of the standard roundness of the coupe. Maybe it's high time you convert it into a pickup truck.

This isn't a joke. Smyth Performance has revealed their latest conversion kit for the Beetle. This kit, presented by founder Mike Smith, will convert the Beetle into a short bed pickup truck. They don't handle the mod themselves. The kit includes all of the parts to make the conversion yourself, as well as detailed instructions.

Aside from the obvious change in form, the conversion will see tailgate reinforcements and new fenders, both are made from either aluminum or fiberglass. Not to mention a custom cap for the rear window.

Pre-order kits are all sold out, but once Smyth restocks, they'll be available for $2,900. All things considered, that's not a bad price for something as big of a change as this. Though it really saves when you don't account for labor.