We love a nice, pointless product partnership. So imagine our satisfaction to hear that Bugatti worked with Gillette to make a heated grooming razor.

Introducing the Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor, by Gillette Labs. As the name implies, this is a heated grooming razor produced by Gillette. By implementing a stainless-steel warming bar, they claim that its able to provide a more comfortable shave. The warming bar technology was designed by Gillette Labs, the brand’s experimental division. And retailing on their website for about $170, its one of the more expensive personal shavers you’ll ever see.

What does Bugatti have to do with this? Essentially nothing. The razor is actually a rebranding of the original heated razor that Gillette developed. The only difference is that this example features the automaker’s logo and their signature Agile Bleu color scheme. Best part of it all: you can still purchase the non-branded razor for about $150. While a $20 markup for a branded item isn’t terrible unheard of, we simply can't imagine wanting to give up that much just to have it in blue.

Yet again, spending too much money on a pointlessly overengineered piece of technology is the lifeblood of Bugatti. So all in all, this fits their style perfectly. Don’t expect me to invest in one, though.