Apex is ready to race. And they don't need any gas to do it. Their first pro vehicle, an all-electric race car, has been formally unveiled. Introducing the AP-0.

The British sports car startup has made a fast name for themselves. Founded in 2018, they're only available vehicle has been the AP-1, a gas-powered track car. While the focus remains on professional racing, the AP-0 shows that they're willing to invest time and effort into modern concepts like electrification.

While spoken of for a while, this will be the first time we actually see the vehicle and its design. Even so, we have a long way to wait until it actually hits the track. Production of the AP-0 isn't expected to begin until 2022. Despite the wait, Apex has already confirmed the vehicle price as $184,850 (or $150,000 British pounds).

Built for the track, the vehicle features an impressive 650 horsepower with 429 pound-feet of instantaneous electric torque. Weighing only 2,645 pounds, nearly half of that comes from the 90-kilowatt-hour battery unit. Much of that weight saving comes from the carbon fiber body and tub. With a fully electric drivetrain, it's capable of reaching 190 mph top speed with a 0-62 mph time of only 2.3 seconds.

It's not limited to closed courses, either. the AP-0 is still street legal. It has an approximate 300-mile charge range, with high-speed charging capabilities capable of reaching an 80 percent charge in 15 minutes. If you were to push it to the limits on a professional track, these numbers might be lower.

Unlike the competition, Apex also aims to add self-driving capabilities to their vehicles. While the central fin may help with aerodynamics, it also hosts various lidar systems that aid in autonomous operation. Currently, it only identifies potential hazards, but everything needed for Level 4 autonomy is present. The actual software to enable that feature will be added pending legal requirements.

It will also include the AR Race Instructor, an augmented reality system to aid in racing performance using visual assistance. They previously unveiled the feature for the AP-1 but it'll be part of the AP-0 as well.

If you happen to live in (or near) Hong Kong, Apex will also be building an FIA approved race track near the area. This will serve as a research and development center for the company and home for an Apex customer driving academy.