Not all high-end cars have to look the same. There have been countless sharp, sleek models. We need something a bit more... street. And we get exactly that t this year's Frieze Los Angeles.

An annual contemporary art fair taking place in the heart of California, this year's Frieze Los Angeles features a BMW M2 competition, where various artists will showcase their creativity on an M2. And this year, we're seeing Futura 2000, acclaimed graffiti artist, try his hand (spray can?) at the task.

The resulting creation is precisely what we were expecting: a fascinating combination of BMW class and street culture.

At its base, the M2 features a black body and jet black set of wheels. The exterior body displays a lightning storm design, with foggy grey patterns and sharp strikes of white. More than that, the design is specifically painted to portray this vision as if it was done with a standard market spray can.

The interior follows the color scheme while shifting the patterns slightly. Everything from the seats to the dash has a smokey black color with lighter trims. The center console, dash, and other trim areas feature straight white lines reminiscent of 80's arcade walls, but without the colors.

The model also has a 405-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine. But to be fair, we don't think Futura 2000 had any hand in that part.

BMW has produced 500 examples of the special Futura 2000 M2 models for public sale. Expected to release on the market on February 18, 2020. There's no set price for the model. But considering its rarity, we expect it to be significantly more expensive than the standard model at around $60,000.